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Learn to Canoe in Scotland through a Canoe Course :


One to One Sessions


A extremely popular choice with those of you who want a 100% tailored fast track course to move you further in your Canoeing. The topics covered are completely up to you whether you are a complete novice looking for a firm foundation in the sport or a proficient canoeist looking for some guidance before taking part in a star award or a ukcc qualification course.




Introduction to Paddlesport


This Course is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of your chosen sport: how to use your body appropriately, efficiency of movement, water confidence and most of all to enjoy being in your choice of craft! A popular course with those looking to, or have just have bought a Kayak or Canoe.




Introduction to Moving Water


Taking the skills from the flat water and starting to develop these into usage on the three dimentional environment of the white water. We only use suitable sections of water to all the members of the group be it grade one or two. For more information on the grading system please see the additional information page. Through the course we will look at water movement and how we can harness its energy, reading the white water, white water safety and equipment, fundamentals of using our body, boat and paddle. Finally action planning for you paddling future.




Introduction to Expedition Paddling (Paddling and Camping)


Taking the premise of the introduction to paddle sport course with the additional art of expeditioning skills and an overnight camp on a deserted island!. Sleeping on the uninhabited Priory Island near Kenmore which is steeped in history, it has been a crannog (500bc) a more recently a monastery (16th century). The following morning we leave camp and the loch behind as we travel down the river Tay whilst learning white water skills appropriate to the novice canoeist, finishing in Aberfeldy. The overnight stay will be under canvas, all equipment can be hired through our outfitting service or alternatively you could bring a tent, sleeping bag stove etc.

This is an ideal introduction to multi day trips or just for a fun one off for the family.


White Water Improver


So you have been on a introduction to white water course or equivalent and really want to hone those skills. This course covers a finer understanding of the three dimentional nature of the river in relation to efficient movement, river safety, being a constructive member of a group all whilst getting time on the water to control your movements through, across and against the white water.


Canoe Journey Skills


The Traditional Journey skills of open boating, looking at: effective and efficient Lining, Tracking, Poling and Snubbing and Sailing down, across and upwind. This is a particularly tiring course due to the huge diversity of skills undertaken but one that offers you a huge opportunity to explore what you and your canoe can do!


Make a Canoe Paddle with Pete Scott

Pete is a qualified cabinetmaker and keen outdoorsman. He has spent his life creating beautiful pieces of art for the rest of us to use. His pieces are all bespoke and of the highest quality. This transposes into Pete’s creations to paddles. For an opportunity to learn how to and make your own paddle in Pete’s workshop just sign up and bring enough of your chosen material (pine recommended for the first paddle).


Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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