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canyoning session


Canyoning Adventures in Perthshire, Scotland


Canyoning is hard to describe, however "the descent of a long, deep and narrow gorge where the only way is down", sums up a wee bit of what the activity involves.




The terrain is committing and a sense of adventure is mandatory. Your journey involves adrenalin pumping river swims, jumps, rock slides and scrambles, So are you coming out to play?



If you have never experienced canyoning before then this won't disappoint and if you've canyonned before you still won't have experienced anything like this. Slides, scrambling, white water swims and jumps!


Plenty to excite and if some parts are not for you we always have an alternative route.



Click Here for further details of our half day descent


Click Here for further details of our Full day descent


Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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