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Sea Kayaking Holidays in Scotland:


Time for an Adventure?


Join us exploring this magical coastline discovering live traditional music, follow the path of Bonnie Prince Charlie,  world renown distilleries, stunning accomodation from beautiful bothies to oue eco chalet.




Bothy days… Arisaig


Come sea kayaking in Scotland and discover what makes it unique! Aimed at paddlers who enjoy the calm as well as the bumpy seas, we invite you to come and explore our fine west coast shores in the present day, and relive scotland’s past by night. This is a unique trip which will leave you with unique and unforgettable memories. This trip is a mixture of camping and staying in bothies, and is probably not really suited for those that don’t like to rough it, but for those of you who don’t mind, you will be truly blown away!




Living wild… Summer Isles


Wilderness camping, early morning strolls along pristine white sandy beaches, a spot of yoga? And that’s before you embark on some of the best day’s sea kayaking you will find along the west coast of Scotland. It is not unusual within this archepeligo to have chance meetings with otters, basking sharks, dolphins, seals, porpoise and minke whales, not to mention the vast wealth of birdlife that nest on these shores. This trip is a must if you want to experience the most unforgettable sea kayaking journey of your life!




Water, Live Music, Whisky & the Hebrides


The Outer Hebrides coast line is as rugged as any you will find without going to the far reaches of the world! But there is, among other things, something else the Hebrides are famous for – Its music! This years Heb Fest is the perfect excuse for a visit and a spot of Sea Kayaking in what truly is one of the most stunning and contrasting places in all of Scotland. So join us in some foot-stomping, finger-tapping fun – exactly what you need after a day of exploring the wild coastlines and exciting seas. You will also be privileged to a day off, so whether you chose to explore the island some more, or immerse yourself in some mighty fine musical culture, or perhaps even visit Scotland’s most westerly distillery - the choice is yours!



Scotland’s Story … Skye & Arisaig


Join us on historical tour and share the stories and secrets of its past that has shaped it as we know it today! In scotlands story, there is no better way to do this than by kayak. This will be a story that you will never forget. Starting on the beautiful Isle of Skye, we will follow the route of one of Scotlands most famous and historical characters all the way to Arisaig! Combined camping and luxury accommodation make this trip a lovely way to explore Scotland by kayak and be amazed.



2 day Intermediate Sea Kayaking … Oban


This course is the perfect follow on from our two day introduction to Sea Kayaking course. It is designed to naturally progress the skills of those who have kayaked a little bit in the recent past and who are keen to develop their skills further in order to increase confidence in more challenging conditions. This course is recommended if you want to learn more skills, but at the same time really perfect those that you already have.



2 day Intro to Sea Kayaking


Oban area


Join Source on a two day intro to Sea Kayaking course. This course is designed for those of you who have never kayaked before to those of you who have ‘dabbled’ in the long forgotten past. If you want to begin to learn or re-learn the skills, then this is the course for you. We will ensure that over the two days you will develop the skills necessary that will set you on your way to more adventurous journeys on the open sea!



Tidal Planning workshop … Oban


Do you enjoy getting out on the open sea, but are keen to get a bit more adventurous? Does adventurous maybe mean having to cross a small piece of tidal water, or perhaps having to negotiate a tidal channel without ending up high and dry, or perhaps a little further out to sea than you had planned? This one day workshop is designed to familiarise you with the knowledge and resources available, so as you can plan your own coastal trip in confidence. Armed with the basic journey planning skills you then get the opportunity to plan your own day trip with the reassurance that you will make it home in time for dinner!

(As a follow on to this course you will receive a 10% discount when you book yourself, along with one other person, a day’s open sea canoeing or sea kayaking (or a day of each) when ever you want, and turn your theory into reality!)






Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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